How to disable proxy? - Post Thumbnail

A proxy is a system that serves as a safe link between your device and the information you want to access online. It often protects computers from some pop-up windows, malicious sites, and other threats. Yet, the features depend on the proxy’s type, its anonymity level, and other configurations. ThereContinue Reading

Digital Data in Big Data: What is it? - Post Thumbnail

Big Data has become a very popular term lately. It’s a good opportunity for businesses that want to stand out from the rest. With different sources of digital data available, using Big Data can lead to innovations and add potential to any market. In simple words, big data is aContinue Reading

Twitch Desktop App for MacOS in 2020 - Post Thumbnail

Twitch is a popular game streaming platform that has won over millions of users worldwide. Nowadays, it also offers apps for Windows and Mac OS as well. The latter was released not long ago but comes with many more features than the site does. Let’s get to know about theContinue Reading

Is Norton Security Deluxe Good? - Post Thumbnail

Norton Security Deluxe is an antivirus program that has a personal firewall and extensive parental control. It was released by one of the leaders in the industry. It often enters the top 3 antivirus solution lists. Let’s get to know a bit more about this program and find out theContinue Reading