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11 Main Functions of Avast Ultimate Multi

Avast Ultimate is a new set of program software, all functions are in one, data security and service of your computer. Avast Ultimate proposes all necessary to provide the optimal work of PC: powerful antivirus, modern VPN-service, upgraded instrument of cleaning and functional messenger of the passwords. All instruments are installed with the help of a single installation. It is a fantastic possibility!

Avast Ultimate antivirus

It protects the personal data from threats and malicious software:

– Protection in the real-time regime – antivirus reveals and removes the threat before its appearance. The user decides himself what to do with the found problems.

– Web-camera is under lock and key;

– Protection from the ransomware;

– Fraud is banned – the input algorithm battles with the phishing effectively (it directs the user to the other web-page automatically);

– Control of wireless reports – the wide scanning Wi-Fi became more reliable. 

SecureLine VPN

Now, the wireless Internet connection is under reliable protection. The platform uses the special algorithms and many servers structure which guarantees the save and integrity of the personal data. 

Avast added more servers and expanded its geography. Now the users can connect to the servers in many countries. SecureLine VPN received the upgraded view which facilities the application usage in several times. 

Cleanup Premium

The user has a new interface and a broader set of possibilities: 

– The definition of the most critical problems on the actual platform and their optimization at once;

– Cleaning of the solid-state drivers and registry of the junk files, system rubbish.

– Manual configuration of the sleep mode for the most recourse consuming applications;

– Effective battle with the advertisings, appeared windows and unnecessary instrumental panels. 

– Upgraded inner platform.

– Monitoring panel and Action center.

– Optimization in one click.

– Cleaning of tags and registry.

– Disk cleaning. 

Password Premium

At present, it is completely safe to use one password from the accounts of all popular resources. Improvements, made by the developers, are presents below:

  • Revised graphic shell.
  • The general speed operation of the system is raised.
  • Optional configuration of the universal central-key. 

The control under your accounts won’t be such simple and safe! One password is one thing that you need to control your accounts on all devices and load your information for input safety. Avast Password Premium prevents you from the information disclosure. 

Bottom line

Avast Ultimate multi is the universal means for the users who want to receive the protection in the shortest terms and raise the operation speed of PC.