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AVG Cleaner Review: Features and Peculiarities

AVG is a popular company that is known for its antivirus and optimization software. Although antivirus has some controversies, the cleaner works impeccably fine. AVG Cleaner comes with optimization and disk cleanup tools. It has mainly positive reviews and great quality services. Let’s get to know more about it in this review.

A general impression

AVG Cleaner is a free program that works on all major operating systems. It runs on Mac OS and Android. To install the game, users must visit the Play Market or the App Store. Alternatively, one can use the official website to get a suitable version. Installation takes only several minutes.

Main features the program offers

AVG Cleaner has several versions that range from limited free editions to AVG Cleaner Pro. Depending on the bundle you choose, the software delivers:

  • Cash cleanup. This feature removes the stored cash to free up space and help the device work faster;
  • Disk cleanup. The feature removes unnecessary multimedia files. In a dedicated window, you can get a list of everything you can delete. Choose the files and verify the action;
  • Photo gallery optimization. The tool prevents having several copies of the same photo. Use it to scan the photos you have and get a list of unsuccessful ones or doubles. Remove them to have more space for new memories;
  • The cloud exchange feature. This feature usually comes with premium solutions and allows synchronizing the device with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.;
  • Optimization features. AVG Cleaner has optimization tools that speed up the device’s performance and prolong battery life.

Advantages of the software

There are plenty of similar cleaners on the market. This one stands out by offering automated reminders. The feature is very convenient since it notifies users when the software can clean up files. Simply install the program, activate the reminders, and forget about it.

The cleaner also has a simple and user-friendly interface. One may intuitively navigate through the available features and optimize the device’s performance.

AVG Cleaner removes junk files and optimizes the device. What’s more, it offers helpful tips on how to manage the device in the best possible way.

Drawbacks of the program

Remember that if you use free edition, you’ll get ads at the bottom of the screen. They are harmless as long as you ignore them. So, if you care about your privacy and security do not click on the ads.

Do you need AVG Antivirus to use the cleaner?

The short answer is no. AVG Cleaner is a separate program that doesn’t require any other AVG programs. Completely autonomous software deals with optimization only. Use it to remove files and speed up the device.

Bottom line

AVG Cleaner Pro is a tool that comes in handy. Install the program to experience all advantages. The lightweight solution offers a selection of useful features that help manage the storage space and optimize other processes.

Take some time to explore such features as cloud synchronization and photo manager. They aren’t unique but quite rare. Start with a free version and upgrade if needed. You’ve got nothing to lose.