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What to Do if Shell Infrastructure Host Has Stopped Working

It is not uncommon for Windows 10 users to encounter a blue or black screen when starting the system with an error message. Errors during loading are very unpleasant for the user, especially since it will not even be possible to use a computer. Moreover, there is no information about the possible cause of failure.

Please note that boot errors are caused by both software and hardware. In this article, here are the main errors when loading Windows 10 that occur due to software, and how to solve them.

To identify and fix boot errors, you need to analyze the state of your computer before the crash. The system stopped starting:

  • after updating BIOS or drivers;
  • in connection with updating or installing an anti-virus program;
  • after adding computer devices;
  • due to incorrect shutdown.

An unknown error showing up in Windows 10can appears an unknown error and this situation can be rather frustrating. In most cases, users also face such a problem as the disappearing of all the desktop icons. Most users try to make a restart, but this action only leads to a message that it is a critical error. As for such applications, as “Start”. They simply don’t work.

If the user spends some time and makes simple, he will find sihost.exe. It has responsibility for C000021a unknown serious error. That’s the main reason of such a failure. In Windows environment there is a core component in shell infrastructure. This host has the main responsibility for all the graphical type elements of the interface of OC. Also its responsible for the transparency of the taskbar. The Start menu is also related to the same topic.

In case if there are any situations with SIHost, such as it was corrupted, stopped, or removed, the general functionality of the operating system would also suffer. As a result, would appear this error.

In some cases, some incompatible drivers were installed on the computer that can cause the appearance of this error. Of course, the main question of all the users is how to solve the problem. There are a few solutions that can be taken into consideration.

System files checkup

The user has to System File Checker. The utility System File Checker tool is used not only for scanning but also for the repair of Windows system files that were corrupted. The first action of the user is to identify the sihost.exe file on your computer because it can be both a trusted application or Trojan, so further actions depend on the conclusion.

Simple System restore

PC can be backed up in a few different ways. A restore point creation is one of them. System Restore is used to carry out this process, and the pints of restore are automatically created every week in case if PC has detected changes.

Clean Boot State Solving

It’s a process, when are used only those services and files that are the most essential for the OS. Most of the Windows problems can be diagnosed and solved in such away.